New York Denials Attorneys

May Law Group, LLC, has vast experience dealing with complex and difficult J Waiver cases. In many instances, the immigration attorneys at May Law Group, LLC, have taken over J Waiver cases which have been denied or deemed impossible to win by other immigration attorneys. With creativity, hard work, and the use of experts, the immigration lawyers at May Law Group, LLC, in many cases, have obtained approvals for J Waivers and even made new immigration law with their J Waiver approvals.

There is no appeal process for denials or unfavorable recommendations for a waiver by the Waiver Review Division. However, the alien subject to the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act's Section 212 (e) may be eligible to reapply for a waiver using another basis.

If the applicant has already received an unfavorable recommendation from the Waiver Review Division, that result cannot be appealed. However, in exceptional hardship and persecution cases, if the J Waiver applicant believes he or she has new pertinent information which may result in a different finding, he or she may consider applying again to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), but would need to start the process anew. If the J Waiver applicant's application is still pending with the Waiver Review Division and the J Waiver applicant has new relevant information, he or she may send that information to the Waiver Review Division.