Pittsburgh Waiver Lawyers

May Law Group, LLC, is a national immigration law firm whose practice is solely devoted to United States immigration law and dedicated to providing outstanding legal representation to foreign nationals, their families, and businesses. May Law Group files many J Waivers and has developed expertise in J Waivers. J Visas are issued to exchange visitors so that sponsoring institutions can bring students, researchers, and business or industrial trainees into the United States to participate in training programs authorized by the United States Information Agency. If the United States Information Agency approves, a company may start its own training program or use an organization that is already recognized for sponsoring training programs. The trainee can be engaged in any productive employment that gives him or her knowledge of specific company practices in the United States or of United States business practices in general. Many J Visas have a two year home residence requirement: those whose field of training is subject to the Skills List for their country maintained by the U.S. Department of State; those who have received funding for their training either from a United States government agency or their home government; and those who have entered the United States to receive graduate medical education or training. The two year home residence requirement requires that the J Visa holder return to his or her home country or country of last permanent residence for two years prior to being able to file to change to many nonimmigrant visa categories or adjust to permanent resident status unless a waiver of the two year home residence requirement is obtained.

With offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New York, New York, the immigration law attorneys at May Law Group, LLC, represent many individual and corporate immigration clients throughout the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, the Philadelphia metropolitan region, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and across the United States. May Law Group focuses on J Waivers.

United States immigration law is based on federal law, not state law. Therefore, May Law Group can represent you in immigration matters in all states and internationally. May Law Group can assist you in obtaining a J Waiver, a waiver of the two year home residence requirement, no matter where you live or work.